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Last update: April 26, 2017

Welcome to the very first webpage on kalimotxo, on the Web since the early 1995!!

Relevant events:

The origin of the name

Nobody knows who combined red wine and coke for the first time. But almost everybody agree that the name "kalimotxo" was invented in by the group of friends called "Antzarrak" during the festivities of Algorta in August 12, 1972, 17:00, by mixing the name of two of their friends , Kalimero and Motxongo (other sources say that their friend Kalimero was quite ugly (motxo, in Basque).

In July 2004, people from invite me to write a chapter for their book "La Verdadera Historia del Kalimotxo" (The True Story of Kalimotxo). If you are interested, order your own copy of the book .

In May 11, 2006, the book was presented in an amazing event at Funky Projects, where journalists and many friends enjoyed kalimotxo, hot peppers, and salted anchovies; very funny. Tele7 TV broadcasts a video interview that evening.

In June 6, 2006 (the very day of the beast, and coinciding with my birthday), Euskal Telebista (ETB) (the basque TV) broadcasts a video about the famous book.

The same day (more birthday gifts!!) Martin Mugica sends me a copy of the book "The invention of the kalimotxo and anecdotes of public festivities" (3MB, in Spanish), with photos of Kepa Urquiza and edited by the Antzarrak group in 2001, a priceless document about the old but good festivities in Algorta.

Other references:

How to pronounce it (and related songs)

I think the only thing you need to know is that "tx" is pronounced like "ch" in "much". Anyway, here you have an audio sample. If you did not get the picture, just listen some kalimotxo songs (in Spanish):

Here you can find the interview of Radio Popular de Bilbao radio station, in October 3, 2002 (13 minutes, 6.2 MB)

Kalimotxo-based Food

Kalimotxo-related Places

The Making of

Basically, this famous basque drink is composed of red wine & coke, fifty/fifty (this is the most important thing). It is supposed to be served with ice if available and you can also add a slice of lemon. Don't forget to stir it well before drinking.


I'd like to notice that some of the information appearing below can be wrong due to people use different names in different places for the same drink; even more, the same name for different drinks.
But don't forget these are only some variations of the original and marvellous kalimotxo.

Also Known As...

Yeah, people drink kalimotxo everywhere. But they use different names. Help me to build this section and tell me how you call that drink made of Red Wine and Coke. Other names for variations and even new variations are also welcome.

Great Kalimotxo drinkers

The order in which the pictures appear is not important. When we speak about kalimotxo the most important thing is not to drink the first one but to drink the last one.

Kalimotxo Stories

Do not forget to visit the Sagardo Bira Home Page, our chronicles when drinking cider.


I'd like to thank to Nerea "Bastrakine" and Fernando the valuable information they sent to me about some variations of kalimotxo. Thanks to Devashish for his suggestion about how to pronounce "kalimotxo". Special thanks to Enrico Maria for helping me in finding the first home for this web.

March. 15, 1995