by Eddie The Wild

Last update: August 12, 2007

NoREM removes all the comments (REM sentences) from a ZX Spectrum BASIC program; empty lines are removed too. This can be very useful to save a good bunch of bytes and, in addition to memory saving, to speed up your BASIC program (the Spectrum BASIC interpreter skips REM statements in run-time).

Copy and paste your original program into the input text area and click on the "NoREM" button; the result can be copied from the output text area to your favourite editor. To compare both versions I recommend you to show empty lines and, alternatively, synchronize scroll bars of both text areas.

Java is not enabled!!.


The following REM statements should be removed, including empty lines:
5 print: rem hello
20 rem here I am
30 ::::     :rem
40 rem "
50 rem:	
60     rem : print             
The following lines do not contain valid REM statements:
10 let rem = 1            (it is a variable)
20 print rem              (it is variable)
30 print "remember rem "  (it is a string)
40 remember               (not a rem statement)
rem ""                    (it should begin with line number)
  rem hello		  (it should begin with line number)
October 12, 2006