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The Java 2DTM API is a set of classes for advanced 2D graphics and imaging. It encompasses line art, text, and images in a single comprehensive model. The API provides extensive support for image compositing and alpha channel images, a set of classes to provide accurate color space definition and conversion, and a rich set of display-oriented imaging operators. These classes are provided as additions to the java.awt and java.awt.image packages (rather than as a separate package).

Java 2D API Guide
Java 2D API Guide: Enhanced Graphics and Imaging for Java

Read the README for instructions on how to run the code samples used in the Imaging chapter of the Java2D API Guide.

Java 2D API Specification

All classes in the following packages are part of the Java 2D API:

In addition, some classes in the java.awt and java.awt.image packages are part of the Java 2D API:

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