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The Java 1.2 platform includes a new sound engine and support for audio in applications as well as applets.

The following audio file formats are supported: AIFF, AU and WAV. In addition, the following MIDI based song file formats are supported: MIDI TYPE 0, MIDI TYPE 1, and RMF.

Java Sound supports 8- and 16-bit audio data, in mono and stereo, with sample rates from 8kHz to 48kHz. It supports linear and u-law encoded data in any of the supported audio file formats. It includes a software MIDI wavetable synthesizer and can mix and render up to 64 total channels of MIDI and digital audio.

Rendering quality defaults to 16-bit stereo data at 22kHz. If this quality is not supported by the client system, it automatically degrades to 8-bit or mono output.

This release includes the following new method in the class java.applet.Applet. This method does not require an AppletContext, and thus enables applications as well as applets to create AudioClips.

          public static final AudioClip newAudioClip(URL url) 

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