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§1.59 Class ThreadDeath

public  class  java.lang.ThreadDeath
    extends  java.lang.Error  (I-§1.48)
        // Constructors
    public ThreadDeath();	§1.59.1
An instance of ThreadDeath is thrown in the victim thread when the stop method with zero arguments (I-§1.19.37) in class Thread is called.

An application should catch instances of this class only if it must clean up after being terminated asynchronously. If ThreadDeath is caught by a method, it is important that it be rethrown so that the thread actually dies.

The top-level error handler does not print out a message if ThreadDeath is never caught.

The class ThreadDeath is specifically a subclass of Error rather than Exception, even though it is a "normally occurrence, " becuase many applications catch all occurrences of Exception and then discard the exception.



public ThreadDeath()
Constructs a new thread death object.

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