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§3.4 Interface CheckboxPeer

The check box peer interface specifies the methods that all implementations of Abstract Window Toolkit check boxes must define.

public  interface  java.awt.peer.CheckboxPeer
    extends java.awt.peer.ComponentPeer  (II-§3.6)
        // Methods
    public abstract void setCheckboxGroup(CheckboxGroup  g);	§3.4.1
    public abstract void setLabel(String  label);	§3.4.2
    public abstract void setState(boolean  state);	§3.4.3



public abstract void setCheckboxGroup(CheckboxGroup g)
Sets the group of the checkbox to be the specified CheckboxGroup
g - the new check box group, or null to remove the check box from any checkbox group


public abstract void setLabel(String label)
Changes the check box's label to be the string argument.
label - the new label, or null for no label


public abstract void setState(boolean state)
Sets the check box to the specifed boolean state: true indicates "on"; false indicates "off."
state - the boolean state

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