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§3.10 Interface FramePeer

The frame peer interface specifies the methods that all implementations of Abstract Window Toolkit frames must define.

public  interface  java.awt.peer.FramePeer
    extends java.awt.peer.WindowPeer  (II-§3.22)
        // Methods
    public abstract void setCursor(int  cursorType);	§3.10.1
    public abstract void setIconImage(Image  im);	§3.10.2
    public abstract void setMenuBar(MenuBar  mb);	§3.10.3
    public abstract void setResizable(boolean  resizeable);	§3.10.4
    public abstract void setTitle(String  title);	§3.10.5



public abstract void setCursor(int cursorType)
Sets the cursor image to be one of the predefined cursors.
cursorType - one of the predefined cursor constants defined above.


public abstract void setIconImage(Image im)
Sets the image to display when this frame is iconized.
Note that not all platforms support the concept of iconizing a window.
image - the icon image to be displayed


public abstract void setMenuBar(MenuBar mb)
Sets the menubar of this frame to the specified menu bar.
mb - the new menu bar


public abstract void setResizable(boolean resizeable)
Determines whether this frame should be resizable.
resizable - true if the frame should be resizable; false otherwise.


public abstract void setTitle(String title)
Sets the title of this frame to the specified title.
title - the new title of this frame, or null to delete the title.

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