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§3.9 Interface FileDialogPeer

The file dialog window peer interface specifies the methods that all implementations of Abstract Window Toolkit file dialog windows must define.

public  interface  java.awt.peer.FileDialogPeer
    extends java.awt.peer.DialogPeer  (II-§3.8)
        // Methods
    public abstract void setDirectory(String  dir);	§3.9.1
    public abstract void setFile(String  file);	§3.9.2
    public abstract void 	§3.9.3
        setFilenameFilter(FilenameFilter  filter);



public abstract void setDirectory(String dir)
Sets the directory of the file dialog window to be the specified directory.
dir - the specific directory


public abstract void setFile(String file)
Sets the selected file for the file dialog window to be the specified file.
file - the file being set


public abstract void
setFilenameFilter(FilenameFilter filter)
Sets the filename filter (I-§2.26) for this file dialog window to the specified filter

filter - the specified filter

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